Mike Malizia
Director of Instruction at Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club
Mike Malizia
Mike Malizia
TPI Certified Golf Instructor

I was raised in Palm City Florida and early in my career I competed on the PGA and Nationwide Tours. Understanding the golf swing and how the body and mind worked is what has always intrigued me. I was fortunate enough to be able to work with some of the best instructors and sports psychologists in the game in order to find the answers as to why things happened in my golf swing. What I discovered is that which I believe sets me apart from most golf instructors.

I wondered why it was that some of the positions the instructors wanted me to get into I could, and other positions no matter how hard I tried I could never get my body to do it. I could do it in my practice swing but if I put any speed to it , it would go back to my old position. This was not only happening to me, but many of my fellow professionals and amateur friends as well. My mission then became, find the answers as to why this was happening. I began studying biomechanics and became TPI certified. TPI is the study of body movement and the understanding of ones physical limitations.

The Philosophy is that there is no one way to swing a golf club, there are many different ways. However, there is only one efficient way for all golfers to swing a golf club and that is based on what THEIR BODIES CAN PHYSICALLY DO. I believe there a couple of factors which set me apart from other instructors. Not only am I a former Tour Player and able to perform what I teach, I also understand the mental challenges of playing the game continue reading >>>

“There are many instructors in the game of golf today. Mike's ability to COACH players of all levels is what sets him apart. His understanding of how the...” – Dr. Bob Rotella
“Mike has helped me understand how to build a swing around my body type and physical limitations. His ability to coach people and communicate is what truly...” – Derek Fathuaer
“We all have physical limitations with our bodies, even professional athletes. Mike has taught me how to understand how my limitations effect my golf swing...” – Rick Ankiel
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Mike Malizia Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club
Mike Malizia
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director of instruction at harbour ridge Yacht & Country Club

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